Airtel Building Picture

Airtel Networks Kenya Ltd

By implementing the IBS for mobile signal optimization, Airtel Networks Kenya Ltd clients have been able to enjoy several positive outcomes. Enhanced network coverage within buildings and enclosed areas, eliminating dead zones and improving signal availability throughout the premises. Amplified and strengthened mobile signals, resulting in improved voice call quality, faster data speeds, and reduced instances of dropped calls. Reliable and optimized mobile network connectivity that enables businesses operating within the customer sites to enhance productivity, communication, and efficiency in their day-to-day operations. Through our solution, Airtel is now able to deliver an enhanced mobile network experience for its customers, overcoming the challenge of suboptimal signal coverage, and achieving improved customer satisfaction and business performance. So far we’ve optimized 4G, 3G, and 2G coverage for their 25+ VIP and Enterprise Clients, including:

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Kenchic Outlet Picture

Kenchic Limited

The installation of the StellaOffice Repeaters at Kenchic Limited commenced in 2015 and continues to serve to the present day. Over the years, this solution has played a vital role in optimizing mobile network performance and ensuring reliable connectivity for employees within Kenchic's factory and 10 farms in Kenya. Employees now enjoy seamless connectivity, enabling them to make and receive calls, access mobile data, and carry out their daily communication tasks without disruption. The enhanced indoor coverage has facilitated smoother workflows, effective coordination, and improved productivity within the organization.

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Carefour Building Picture


With the implementation of the StellaOffice Tri-Band Repeater, the first Carrefour outlet we worked with (Carrefour The Hub) experienced a remarkable improvement in mobile network coverage and performance. Customers now enjoy seamless connectivity, enabling them to make calls, browse the internet, make mobile and card payments, and access mobile services without interruptions. The back-office operations have also become more efficient, as staff members can rely on a reliable and robust network for their communication needs. After our first installation at Carrefour The Hub, the client was happy with the new possibilities we unlocked for them. As a result, we’ve continued partnering to improve the network in their new and upcoming outlets, including Carrefour Valley Arcade, Two Rivers, Kilimani, and Comet.

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Equity Bank Branch Picture

Equity Bank

We were able to optimize the Equitel network signal and ensure reliable connectivity across the branches. As a result, this enhanced the banking experience for customers and facilitated efficient operations for bank staff relying on Equitel services. The repeater system was configured to work with the Equitel network frequencies, ensuring compatibility and optimal signal amplification for Equitel services. The repeaters were positioned strategically to maximize signal coverage and minimize signal interference.

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Asilia Tent Picture

Asilia Limited

By implementing our solution, we successfully provided a strong and consistent 2G signal for the camp office. The optimized network coverage ensured that staff members could make and receive calls, and stay connected throughout their workday, enabling efficient communication and seamless operations. It also guaranteed the reachability of staff members, contributed to improved communication, and enhanced guest experiences within the camp office setting. Other clients we’ve worked with in the hospitality industry:

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Bubayi Farm Picture

Bubayi Farms Limited

The Bubayi Farms staff are now able to carry out their daily operations smoothly, including accessing cloud-based services, communicating with clients and suppliers, and conducting online research. They also enjoy increased productivity thanks to reduced network-related downtime, improved communication efficiency, and faster data transfer. The improved signal strength and coverage also mean that anyone on the premises can enjoy improved call quality and fewer dropped calls. Some other farms we’ve worked in the agriculture industry include:

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