Equity Bank

Equity Bank Branch Picture

Equity Bank is among the best financial institutions in Kenya and among the largest banks in East Africa, offering various banking and financial services. They have close to 200 branches across the country, whose service portfolio includes savings and current accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, money transfers, investments, and insurance products. Equity Bank has embraced technology to enhance its banking services. It has invested in digital banking platforms, allowing customers to perform transactions and access banking services conveniently through mobile phones and the internet.

The Problem Equity Bank faced

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To improve the efficiency of their digital banking platform, Equitel, Equity Bank identified a need to improve the network coverage and signal strength within banking halls and back offices. The limited network coverage and poor signal strength resulted in dropped calls, slow data speeds, or other connectivity problems that hindered effective access to Equitel services including registration of new customers on the Equitel network within the banking halls. During our surveys, we discovered that the challenge was consistent across several of their branches, including Mama Ngina, KNUT House, Ridgeways, Thika, Muranga, and Kimende.