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Carrefour is a renowned global retail chain that’s been in existence for the past 60 years. The company penetrated the Kenyan market in 2016 and has made its mark by providing customers with a diverse range of high quality products and exceptional shopping experiences. Currently, Carrefour has about 16 branches that have embraced technology to offer customers a hassle-free online and physical shopping experience. For this reason, it’s essential for their outlets to have fast internet speeds and minimal downtimes and that’s where we come in.

The Problem Carrefour faced

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Carrefour The Hub, Comet, Kilimani, Two Rivers, and Valley Arcade, all located in Nairobi, faced a significant challenge with their mobile network coverage. The shopping areas and back offices were experiencing weak signal strength and poor network connectivity, leading to dropped calls, slow data speeds, and customer dissatisfaction. The back-office operations were also hindered due to unreliable network connectivity, which impacted communication and productivity among the staff. Recognizing the importance of seamless communication for both their customers and internal operations, Carrefour sought a solution to improve the network performance and optimize the Airtel network already available on their premises.