Bubayi Farms Limited

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We also have a rich portfolio of industrial farms and industrial areas where we’ve performed effective network optimization. Among them is Bubayi Farms Limited, a regenerative farming and seed production company located in an expansive family estate they fondly call Gloucester Vale Farm in Kiminini, a region in the Northern Rift of Kenya. Their core values include innovation, dedication, excellence, and sustainability as they attempt to improve the future of the planet and future generations. Therefore, they need effective communication, efficient data transfer, and constant access to online resources to support sustainability initiatives.

The Problem Bubayi Farms Limited faced

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Bubayi Farms Ltd. needed to optimize their connectivity infrastructure in order to enhance business operations and stay connected in an increasingly digital landscape. During the survey, we also realized that they needed a dedicated 10 Mbps internet link to provide them with a stable and consistent internet connection and support their day-to-day operations.