Kenchic Limited

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Kenchic Limited is the leading provider of high-quality poultry products, including chicken meat, eggs, and value-added products, in East and Central Africa. The company maintains its own poultry farms, ensuring strict quality control and adherence to best practices in animal welfare, hygiene, and biosecurity. They prioritize accurate record-keeping to be able to monitor the performance and profitability of the flock and enable forecasting, programming, and cash flow projections to be made. Therefore, the factory and farm offices located in very remote areas need reliable mobile network access to ensure optimal performance and productivity of the employees.

The Problem Kenchic Limited faced

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By the time Kenchic Limited called us, their factory in Thika (the largest of its kind in the region) and farm offices experienced poor mobile network coverage, resulting in dropped calls, limited signal strength, and unreliable connectivity. This posed a significant challenge as employees relied on mobile communication for their daily operations, coordination, and productivity. The inadequate network coverage hindered effective communication, hampered workflow, and affected overall efficiency within the organization.