Airtel Networks Kenya Ltd

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Airtel Networks Kenya Ltd. is a subsidiary of Airtel Africa and the fastest-growing telecommunications service provider in Kenya. The company serves over 16.2 million subscribers, including individuals, households, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), large enterprises, government organizations, and educational institutions. Airtel's customer base encompasses both urban and rural areas, as they strive to bridge the digital divide and provide connectivity to underserved regions. Airtel aims to provide reliable connectivity, innovative solutions, and exceptional customer experiences to its diverse customer base in Kenya and other countries of operation.

The Problem Airtel Networks Kenya Ltd faced

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Airtel caters to the business and enterprise segment with a range of tailored solutions. These include connectivity solutions, cloud services, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, data centers, managed services, and collaboration tools. Airtel's enterprise solutions aim to empower businesses with reliable and scalable communication infrastructure. In the pursuit of providing their clients with the best service, they identified a significant challenge regarding mobile signal optimization at various VIP and Enterprise customer sites. The issue was that existing network coverage and signal strength within certain buildings or structures were inadequate, leading to issues such as dropped calls, poor voice quality, and slow data speeds. This posed a major obstacle in providing a seamless and reliable mobile network experience to customers, impacting their satisfaction and the overall quality of service.