Boosting mobile signal in buildings with 5 -15 rooms

Baldwin Enterprises Limited offers several types of repeaters to improve data speeds and call quality to facilitate your business needs in Nairobi, Kenya, and beyond. 

Our options are professional-grade, EU-compliant StellaDoradus Repeaters, and the best one for you depends on the size of your premise.

StellaOffice mobile signal booster Repeaters - Baldwin Enterprises Kenya


1. Amplifies all mobile operators.
2. Supports unlimited users.
3. Amplifies 5G/ 4G/ 3G/ 2G. (High speed data and voice)
4. 5″ LCD touch screen- Enhanced user experience.
5. Smart Attenuation.
6. 4 ports – up to 4 internal antennas for extended internal coverage.
7. Pro-Monitoring – monitored and managed remotely.
8. Designed, manufactured and tested in Ireland.
9. Operator Preferred.


The iRepeater is a commercial grade mobile signal repeater that can be controlled and monitored over the internet. It is a modular solution that can be scaled up using LineAmps to provide coverage in any sized building. It amplifies all mobile operators and all services – 5G/4G/3G/2G.

All iRepeaters can be managed and monitored on Stellacontrol, Stella Doradus’s cloud platform. The performance of the system can be monitored over time and corrective action can be taken in the case of any issues. Monitoring allows viewing the system remotely and fixing issues without travelling to the site. With ProMonitoring, Stella Doradus manages the iRepeater completely, and a full 5 year warranty is available.

Smart attenuation will automatically attenuate even the strongest of downlink signals. There is no longer any need for external attenuators to balance strong signals. Instead, smart attenuation will automatically control the signal over a wide dynamic range. No need for any user input.

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