StellaHome Repeaters

Boosts mobile signal in 2 - 5 rooms

Nairobi-based Baldwin Enterprises Limited can help you improve mobile coverage in your home using professional-grade, EU-compliant StellaDoradus Repeaters.

We have two options you can choose for your home, depending on the size of your property and your coverage needs:

StellaHome mobile signal booster Repeaters - Baldwin Enterprises Kenya


1. The antenna on the roof receives the mobile signal from all operators, and sends it down the cable to the StellaHome repeater.

2. The StellaHome repeater amplifies the signal and sends it around the house.

3. All mobile devices can now communicate with this enhanced signal.


A “loose” installation is recommended to begin with.

1. Install the outdoor panel antenna in a location where there is good mobile signal (usually this is on the roof).

2. Using the supplied 12m cable, connect it to the antenna and bring it inside the house to the StellaHome repeater.

3. Attach this cable to the right hand side of the repeater. Then attach the indoor panel antenna to the repeater.

4. Plug in the power supply.

*All kits in the StellaHome family are supplied with an exterior panel antenna, except the Stellahome 5 band, which uses an exterior Yagi antenna.

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